About The Next Brick

Stores create experience, stores create memories.

Stores have and will always be a part of our culture. We don’t mean to trivialize the scale of disruption or transformation in the retail industry, but to anchor conversations on the importance of stores in our lives. When retailers put shopper needs at the center of their organizational ethos?they don’t just create great experiences, they create memories. Memories of watching your toddler marvel at the magical holiday window, memories of trying something delicious beyond your wildest imagination or memories of finding that outfit that expresses your identity completely.

So cavalier proclamations about the death of the brick and mortar are not only inaccurate, they fundamentally underestimate the desire humans have to connect with other humans, seeking the expert advice of the shop owner/store associate; and fulfilling their desire of getting what they want, right away. While retailers will have to innovate, reinvent, and re-imagine how they weave experiences in and out of virtual and physical worlds, anchoring delightful shopper experiences in the brick & mortar environment is a competitive advantage worth protecting.

TheNextBrick.com by IBM celebrates the spirit of restoration, revival and renaissance within the retail community

Through TheNextBrick, we hope to facilitate the right conversations on how technology elevates your brick & mortar retail business to drive sustainable top-line?and?bottom line growth. We curate opinions from business leaders, technology gurus, futurists, economists, with a refreshing take on:
What’s Next for your Shopper
What’s Next for your Store
What’s Next for your Business

Thriving retailers integrate between technology and business

When business and technology work together to address challenges, retail thrives. Data (yours); that is secure, infused with learning and managed via an integrated cloud infrastructure, is the key to offering fulfilling experiences, driving operational efficiency, and building connected stores. We hope to foster an enlightening dialogue on how technology can be unleashed to serve the passions of your shoppers and the potential of your employees.

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