Community Guidelines for

Overall, keep it mature and civil. Don’t be that person who goes the wrong way on the escalator. The Next Brick is here to help us all evolve and flourish as retailers. 

Most Profanity Will be Checked at the Door

This should be a no-brainer, but profanity will automatically be tagged for review before being posted. Context is important, but the likelihood is that an expletive-laden comment will get the boot. Profanity used as a way to antagonize will not see the light of day.

Keep it Professional

Personal attacks? Nope. Harassment? Nope. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and offensive generalizations about people? Not a chance. Threats or comments written to provoke someone have no place here.

Try Not to Wander Off

Make sure you’re in tune with the general intent of the article, video or site. Sometimes conversation moves into a tangent that’s still related to the topic at hand. Fine. But deliberately coming out of left field or steering the discussion into unrelated territory is not what we’re looking for.

No Narcissism

All due respect, but a comment consisting only of a link to your blog, your product, or an article you’ve published elsewhere will almost always get kicked to the curb.

Feel Free to Share Your Challenges

We’d love for you to be open about your struggles, realizations, and evolution as a business. That is, if you want to. This should be a forum where we’re all learning from each other—productively.   

Do Your Homework

If you didn’t write it or can’t cite it, don’t post it.

English Only—For Now

At the moment, we strictly support discussions in English on this site. Non-English comments and discussions will be removed—a purely logistical issue.

And Furthermore

We can’t see everything, but we’ll give it a college try to cut back on these kinds of comments:

  • The same comment shared repeatedly (yawn)
  • Non-sequiturs that make it clear you didn’t even read the article (for shame)
  • Baiting/trolling/being deliberately annoying